A home on your street has been broken into…perhaps your home or apartment was the victim of a burglary or attempted burglary.  You no longer feel safe in your own dwelling.  Taking proactive steps to make your home or apartment less “inviting” to thieves is paramount.  As you make your home safer, let’s consider where DOGS fit into a good home security package!

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My name is Tipper and I’m one of the West Side Neighborhood Watch Dogs!  In the K-9 Corner, I’ll offer

you some “Tips” on how your furry canine friends help deter burglars.  Thinking about getting a dog to feel safer?

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Dogs as Deterrents to Home Burglaries

Dogs, no matter how big or how small, can contribute to a good home security plan.  The reason?  Dogs barkthey make noise and criminals don’t like any attention being called to their mischievous activity!  Convicted burglars have been asked by law enforcement what security measures taken by homeowners were most effective at deterring break-ins.  In addition to occupancy, presence of security alarms and high visibility at the entry point, dogs are consistently at the top of the list for several reasons.  Dogs hearing is able to pick up suspicious sounds earlier than alarm systems.  Their barking alerts homeowners and often neighbors very quickly.  Also, criminals are scared about being attacked by a dog (especially a big dog)…thus the deeper the bark, the more that fear was instilled. 

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Did you know…


Most criminals (70%) admitted to bypassing a property as a target if there was a sign

that there was a dog present…

especially a large dog breed. 

They simply moved on

to an easier target!

         Did you know...

A dog’s sense of hearing is

significantly greater than a human’s. Studies

have shown that dogs are capable of perceiving frequencies about twice that of a normal human and can pick up and distinguish sounds roughly four times that of humans. This means that dogs can hear many sounds on frequencies that humans cannot even begin to detect and what a human can hear at 20 feet a dog can hear at roughly 80 feet.

                                                                              (Service Dog Central, 2009)

Dogs have 18 or more muscles in their ears allowing them to be mobile, whereas a human has only 6; thus, humans, can only move their ears slightly, if at all. Dogs with perked ears can usually hear better than dogs with hanging ears, especially if they can move their ears in the direction of the sound. (Dog Breed Info Center 2013)

Did you know...

Smaller dogs can hear much higher tones than larger dogs. Large, square

headed dogs like Saint Bernards and Mastiffs can actually capture sub-sonic

tones with their bulky skulls and inner ear design, that humans simply cannot. This is partly why Saint Bernard's are excellent at avalanche rescue! With this sub-sonic hearing they can acquire muffle noises of trapped humans under the deep packed snow. It is estimated that this ability allows them to detect the creaking and low sounds made by a hillside of snow as it starts to move over the ice or rock, giving early warnings of an avalanche to unaware humans.

While small dogs aren’t that intimidating…their “yappy”, consistent barking is often enough to keep thieves moving onto a “quieter” target.  Larger dogs tend to represent a much greater deterrent to thieves…their bark is deeper, more menacing and with the possibility of a bite…well, their bite can inflict a lot more damage!

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Regardless of the size, dogs are deterrents to home burglaries/invasions because dogs through their barking call attention to the criminal’s activity.  But, remember…dogs are only a small part of a larger home security package/system!  It’s best to have ample lighting, locks, alarms, security cameras, and above all observant neighbors!



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