Curb appeal is all about the impression your house reflects.   Whether you're trying to impress prospective buyers or put a smile on your own face whenever you pull up to your house, it feels good to live in a home or apartment building that looks attractive on the outside as well as on the inside

The way your house looks from the street, well maintained, attractively landscaped, can add thousands to its value and if you’re in the market to sell it can even cut the time it takes to sell.

For property owners in the West Side Village

(the Revitalization Area of Main Street to Third Street from Union Street to Buck Street):

Let’s begin this spring (Spring 2014) investing in our property!


Property owners are asked to make a 6-10 year commitment to the improvement of our homes, apartment buildings, businesses in the form of investing in

repairing/updating/upgrading exterior finishes and landscaping

as well as meeting city codes.


Your neighbors will appreciate your efforts, not for just the aesthetics but for your contribution to the overall value of the community.

Click here to learn the First Steps to improve curb appeal and add value to your property

Trees are removed and the tree canopy raised to improve site lines from First Street into Second Street Park.

Walking paths are leveled

and received a fresh

coat of asphalt!

City workers construct a new, much needed sidewalk along Second Street bordering

the Park!


Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area:

The West Side Village!

Union Street to Buck Street from Main Street to Third Street


It's Our Neighborhood… We Have a Voice!


The residents of West Side Village have been given a wonderful opportunity to bring our neighborhood back to the beautiful, vibrant community that it once was years and years ago.  Through the research conducted

by Evan Richert and Associates, the City has listened to our needs and are responding by investing in our neighborhood in the way of improving lighting in certain areas, repairing sidewalks and establishing new walking paths where needed.






















City Involvement

There are numerous abandoned buildings in the West Side Village.  Not only do these eye-sores lower property values of the surrounding homes, they provide safety issues to the neighborhood by attracting burglars who want to steel copper piping, drug dealers who want a shady place to do business and squatters who camp out until it gets to cold, etc.  The City has heard our call for help in eradicating these abandoned and neglected properties and as a result, in October 2013, the City Council instituted the Abandoned Building Ordinance.  To catch up and stay informed, visit the City of Bangor’s Neighborhood Revitalization Links here to see the plans and view past public meetings. 




Report a Problem

The City has also implemented a very convenient online reporting system to “Report a Problem” to alert city staff of issues having to do with street lights, public trees, sidewalks, traffic signs/signals, potholes, etc. Please click on this link to Report a Problem




Second Street Park

In the fall of 2013, the City began raising the tree canopy in Second Street Park.  This allows better sight lines making walking through the park and using the park much safer as transients and drug dealers/users will be less likely to “hang out in the woods”.  The city paved the pathways in the park and added a much needed sidewalk along the street bordering Second Street park. 

















The City will continue to make some well needed improvements to our neighborhood!

But, to truly revitalize our neighborhood, it will be up to us,

the residents of West Side Village! 

















Please revisit and visit often to follow our neighborhood revitalization and get tips on what you can do as homeowners, renters, landlords, property owners and business owners to improve your property’s appearance and landscaping!




Our Neighborhood in the News:



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