Success StoriesNeighbors looking out for each other



West Side Watch is truly about neighbors looking out for each other.  Read the success stories below to see what an impact being part of WSW has had on the neighborhood!  We’d love to hear your “Success Stories”!  Come to a WSW meeting and share your story or submit your success story via email at



WSW Assists Neighbor in Retrieving Stolen Gym Bag


My car was broken gym bag, mp3 player and some change was stolen.  I filed a report with Bangor PD and emailed the WSW coordinator.  She sent an email to the members of WSW.  Within an hour, I was contacted by a nearby WSW member who found my gym bag and belongings in her garbage can!  “Neighbors looking out for each other” that’s what West Side Watch is all about.  June 2013 ~T.K.






The Plastic Pumpkin



Fall is my favorite time of year and I always have a little Harvest display on my front porch.  The other day my neighbor told me he and his wife saw a couple of guys walking up past my house and one of them took one of the small plastic pumpkins off my porch and kept walking toward Cedar Street.  My neighbor yelled out the window at them and told him to put it back...and he did!  October 2012 ~Kate








The Post Cap


A vandal had knocked the post cap off of my front railing.  This is usually a yearly occurrence.  A day or two later, the post cap mysteriously reappeared in it’s proper spot on top of the railing.  My neighbor across the street informed me that a homeowner/good Samaritan several houses away had found a post cap on his lawn.  He had taken the initiative to walk down the street looking to see where its “home” might be...three houses away he saw the decapitated railing post on my front step and put the cap back on!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Summer 2012 ~KC






Feeling At Ease


Prior to the Neighborhood Watch, I always felt uneasy leaving on vacations or weekends with the house unoccupied.  Now as part of the Watch, I’ve gotten to know several of my neighbors and as a result I feel more comfortable leaving for an extended period of time.  One of my neighbors even gave me her house key so I could watch over her home while she was away.  Two years ago, this never would have happened.  Everyone kept to themselves.  By being part of WSW and getting to know our neighbors, we feel more at ease and safer knowing our neighbors are watching out for each other. ~Lisa




Car Break-ins Diverted


In early May, around 7:30am, I heard some yelling out in front of my house.  I looked out the window and saw my next door neighbor and her husband standing in front of their house firmly telling  two hoodlums that (in so many words) their mischievous actions were seen and to get outta here.  The yelling was from the Would-Be-Criminals shouting obscenities at my neighbors.  By the time I opened the window to ask my neighbor what was going on, she was already on the phone giving a detailed description of the “perps” to the police.  The evil-doers were walking up the middle of the street and checking car doors to see if they were unlocked.  My neighbors witnessed them test the doors of several cars as they walked toward our houses...including the car parked in front of my house (my mother-in-law’s) and a neighbor’s across the street.  My next door neighbors were observant as they dressed for work that morning and witnessed the attempted break-ins.  They promptly reported it to the police.  A half hour later, I received a call on my cell from a neighbor across the street.  She wanted to let me know that she received a call from our neighbor alerting her to the hoodlums trying to break into cars on the street.  (She wanted to be sure I was aware.)  This is what the Watch is all about.  Being observant and keeping each other informed.  May 2013 ~Kate